Study Package


Study Package Enquiry (2011)

Thank you for your interest in the Wavelength 780 trailerable trimaran.

The following is a summary of the material supplied in the study package. It will provide additional information to assist potential plan purchasers to assess if this is the boat that they will feel comfortable building, and ultimately, enjoy sailing.

The package consists of a DVD containing the following files:

  1. A file of over one hundred building, interior and sailing images.  This is only a selection of the detailed images on file that will be available to builders. The building images are cross referenced in the text of the Building Manual to make them easy to locate.
  1. Selected abridged extracts from the Building Manual for ‘Building the Floats’ and ‘Building the Beams’. Detailed measurements have been omitted from these abridged versions. They should, however, give you a good idea of the scope of the building detail and instructions provided for each stage of the project.
  1. Part 5 of the Building Manual has also been included. This covers the detail of the ‘join up’ of the main hull halves, and other details at this stage of the building process.
  1. Samples of the hull section patterns required to make the full size mould frames are supplied in reduced A4 format. Examples included are for the main hull deck and for the aft section mould frames for the floats.
  1. Samples of the float bulkhead patterns and typical main hull frame patterns are         included. (A4)
  1. Centreboard and Rudder blade patterns. (A4)
  1. Top and side view layout drawings of the main hull.(TIF file)
  1. Rig profile and detail of basic sail plan (TIF file)
  1. A home video taken at the time of construction of the prototype. Part 1 (of two parts) on building the floats is included in the study package as a DVD. It has been divided into sections (Mpeg files) to make it easier to find the particular stage the builder may wish to look at in more detail. Most DVD players/computers will allow you to pause/play and ‘freeze frame’ the areas that are of interest. The video should be seen in conjunction with the abridged version of the float building manual also included in the study package.

(Further video material on the floats, beams, centreboard and main hull will come with the full plan package).

  1. Basic building materials list.
  1. A “maximum curve” profile to test the flexibility and suitability of available ply for the project.
  1. The text of the “Builder’s Agreement” is shown.

(See Plans and Plan Pricing for order details)