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Wavelength 780 Trimaran Plans

Price – Australian $850.00

Payment by Bank Cheque or Money Transfer – Account details available on placement of Plan Order on Contact Us on the home page

                                                                                                                          February 2014


The cost of plans for the Wavelength 780 and supporting material (Building Manual and digital files) is $850 (Australian) plus postage costs.

If you have access to a local plan printer that can print PDF files in the sizes listed below, the above plans component can be supplied on disc as PDF files.
(Plan price will be discounted by Aud$100.00 for supply of PDF files only.)

The approximate final print run will be:
30 plus metres of Bond Print 36” wide (Made up of various lengths up to 3M+),
8 sheets of AO+ Bond Print
13 sheets of A1 Bond Print

The Building Manual will be supplied in A4 hard copy in a spring binder for convenient workshop use.

Building images will only be supplied on CD as jpeg files. Access to a computer will be needed to view these. (Alternatively, they can be printed as hard copy photos at a plan purchaser’s local photo printing service at builder’s expense).
The DVD’s that cover early aspects of building the boat, in particular the floats, and to a lesser extent, beams and centreboard and the initial stages of building the main hull halves, are in DVD-R Format, which should play on most current DVD players or computers.


Until the website is established with Credit Card or Pay Pal processing, payments can be made by bank transfer, money order, bank cheque (or personal cheque, Australia only) for the Study Package.

For the full set of plans, a direct bank transfer or a bank cheque only is accepted.
(Bank transfer details will be supplied on receipt of order)

Goods will be forwarded once the financial instrument is cleared.

Bob Forster


Wavelength 780 Trimaran Order:  

Please forward  Study Package (Australia) $25.00 AUD
  Study Package (Outside Australia) $30.00 AUD
  Plans Package $850.00 AUD
Total payment
= _________


Orders and Payments should be made out to:       

R.K.M. Forster

Mailing Address:
515 Ford Rd
Priestdale Qld 4127

Bank Transfer Details – Australia

Request details with order if required

Bank Transfer Details – Outside Australia

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