Folding & Trailering

Folding and Trailering the Wavelength 780

 The vertical float folding system for trailable trimarans was originally developed by Ian Farrier in the 1970’s, allowing a trimaran to be easily launched in folded mode from its road legal trailer and then opened on the water to its sailing configuration.


For this design, a separate float folding system, with beams engineered with integrated pivot points, complemented by strong beam support structures built into the main hull, ensure similar ease of operation for this vessel when compared with other trailable trimarans. Special ‘fail safe’ and other features of this system include twin lock down bolts per beam and twin folding control struts. These limit any fore and aft movement of the floats in the unfolded configuration and provide strong support for the float mounted  main shrouds of the rotating rig.
The boat can be motored comfortably in folded mode after launching and then unfolded before the rig set up is completed, either while underway, or at a nearby pontoon if it is available.